My bags are packed, I’m ready to go (think Chantel Kreviazuk version)……well, almost!

Now that I’ve put the Armageddon movie theme song into your head, lets move on!

Well, those who know me know that once I get that spur up my ass, it’s time to pack my bags and hit the road.  Are we really surprised that I’m pulling up stakes and leaving town?  Probably not huh.

I’m so excited mixed with a little bit of nervousness but mostly just excited to begin a new chapter in my life.  This time it’s a little bit different though as I’ve sold pretty much everything I own.  I’m sending 5 rubber-made totes ahead of my drive out of here and that’s it!

For the last few years I’ve talked about de-cluttering and living “tiny”.  There was always a reason not to sell something or give it away and then there were new purchases added to the clutter.  The last week has been so liberating and freeing and I should have done it years ago.  My possessions are just “things”.  I will remember them and be grateful that I was able to buy them and use them but that they belong where they’ll get more use now.

So far I have about 8 totes and I want that down to 4 but 5 max.  This coming week when everything that can be moved to new homes has been done, I’ll take everything out of the bins and go through the game of “do you really need or want this Laurie?”  If not, it’s going out the door.  This has been a very good experience and one I will avoid in the future by NOT making frivolous purchases.

So….where the hell am I headed to?  To my home in Arizona.

Life is too short to not do what makes you happy but mostly it’s too short to remain somewhere or with someone that makes you miserable.  This is applicable to jobs, friends, or significant others’.  As of now,  have no job and no significant other but some fabulous friends

Most recently I was a Correctional Officer and while I loved what I did and still do, I no longer was happy in the workplace.  I made over 100k last year with overtime and almost the same amount the year before and though I managed to pay off all my debt and purchase my home in AZ (I’ve still got 2 years to pay on it), this is not enough to keep me at a workplace that I no longer buy in to.  I had a couple of good leaders that I worked with but the rest were managers and bosses.  Managers and bosses don’t lead; they demand, boss, are uncommunicative, and generally not nice to work for.  Sorry, but no amount of money is going to keep me at a job I am no longer happy at.  Laurie has left the building.

So me and Elvis and Priscilla are hitting the road at the end of June.  Elvis and Priscilla are my 10 year old kitties.  Love these cats to death and they put up with my kisses and cuddling.  I like all animals though and one day may have a dog but I’m pretty sure Elvis and Priscilla will run away from home if I do lol!


The decision to sell all my “stuff” and move with minimal belongings was easy to come to.  Renting a U-Haul with a car carrier for my cute little 2000 Saturn, gas, lodging, and other necessities along the way would have come to about $7000 (CDN).  They only give you 5 days and so many KM to get from Whitehorse to Arizona.  I don’t like being rushed and since I have two daughters and a grandson in Vancouver, BC that I wanted to visit, so selling my shit was the way to go.

What I thought would be a daunting process of people nickle and diming me to death at garage sales turned out to be a sellers dream come true.  My house/kitty sitter bought all the living room items and a former co-worker pretty much bought everything else as she had moved up here with nothing.  I had a few big things to sell and they’ve gone too.  Just have to figure out what I am going to fit into those 4-5 totes.  Decisions, decisions.

Living room disaster
Spare room disaster

Unemployment suits me for the moment but not for long.  Though I’d like to say I could sit around and do nothing if I had endless amounts of money, I truly would get bored without a job.  At this point, I’m not sure what I’m going to do for work but I’ll take a look when I get there and see what I find.  I have applied to the jail there but we’ll see.

Once I get there though, it’s time for a revamp of eating habits and exercising more.  I’ve got 25 lbs to lose and I’m hoping the heat will help me sweat it out a bit!

Peace out peeps.  Check back for updates on the move!  I hope to make some stops along the way through beautiful BC and take some photos to share.