Yukon Wildlife Preserve

I love the Yukon Wildlife Preserve (YWP).  I could just leave it there but I have lots to share.  This place is amazing.  Here is the link to their website that contains much more information then I could possibly share here.

I have a seasons pass and anyone that lives locally should pick one up.  They are an exceptional deal whether for one person or a family.  To go our for the day is $15 for the self guided walking tour or $22 for the bus tour (adult rate) and children and youth for walking and bus are $5/$7 and $8/$10 respectively.   I’ve been out there in the warm summer and at -25C and I always walk.  It’s great exercise and you won’t miss as much if you’re on a bus.  A family (which I believe includes 2 adults and up to 2 children) is $50 for a bus tour and $35 for the walking option.  Less money than a movie without any food and way better exercise and educational opportunities.  Now here is how you save a ton on money and help the Preserve all year.

Regular Membership:
Youth $15
Adult $25
Family $50
Senior $20
Supporting Membership:
Adult $40
Senior $35
Family $75
I bought my Supporting Membership on New Years day 2017 and will be there on New Years day 2018 to buy this coming year.  Seriously, they need to raise their rates just a little as these are really low for a family of 4 to have unlimited visits or for a single adult.  Included in the Regular membership is 10% off at the gift shop and with the Supporting membership you get a complementary pass and 20% off at the gift shop.  It’s a no-brainer…..this is a great deal.

So today I headed out for a walk and some photo ops with the residents of the YWP.  As usual, they failed to disappoint and provided me with lots of photo ops!  I live in such a beautiful place.

I also wore my Garmin fitness tracker and here’s what you can expect from a relatively leisurely stroll around the Preserve in terms of fitness.



This was a slow pace and included a nice hill too, so you’ll be getting a decent workout!

Here is a front view of the Preserve and the entry way showing the reception centre.  You must check in there whether you have a seasons pass or are just paying for one visit.  Don’t forget to check out too.  The staff are very friendly and helpful.  I hope to be volunteering there soon at least a couple days a month through the winter and maybe more this summer.  My grandson is coming up for 3 weeks and we will be visiting here a few times for sure!

Sign at Entrance
Sign at Entrance
Map of the Preserve
Entrance to Reception Centre


My favorite animals are the bison and moose.  I love all animals but am in awe of the magnificent size and power of these two in particular.  Each animal has it’s own set of characteristics that are interesting and great to observe.  There was a black fox in the red fox pen today and they both were playful.  The Elk today were protective and on guard, while the moose were not shy at all and came right up to the fence.  The Lynx were no where to be found and as usual the Muskox were a distance away.  I think they all were enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Sun at Preserve
Late Sunrise
Stink Eye Caribou
Baby and Mama Caribou
Sleeping Elk
Sleeping Elk
Thin Horn Sheep
Road to Moose Area
Hill Towards Moose
Red Fox
Red Fox
Big Muskox
Muskox 2
Magnificent Muskox
Mountain Goat
Thin Horn Sheep
Moose 1
Missing Antler Caribou
One Horn Caribou
Hidden Caribou
Hidden Caribou
Elk with a Rack
Day Moon
Daytime Moon
Black Fox
Beautiful Black Fox
Black Fox 3
Black Fox 2
3-Legged Black Fox
Bison 2
The Bison Family
Bison 1
Beautiful Bison
Big Horn Sheep
Big Horn Sheep
Babies Dinnertime
Breakfast Time Caribou
Tree Sign
Tree Fungus
Tree Fungus
Tree Fungus – Black Canker
Tree Fungus 2
Tree Fungus – Black Canker


That’s all I’ve got for this visit but will be back regularly and of course hope to get some photos of babies that will be born throughout the spring into the early summer months.

PS:  Click here for a link to sign up to make a monthly donation to the YWP.